Monday, April 12, 2010

Twitter Coming to iPad “Eventually”(copy)

The official Twitter Blog has announced that Twitter has entered into an agreement with Atebits to acquire Tweetie, the iPhone Twitter client, and that it will now be called Twitter for iPhone. The app will also now be available for free, instead of the current price of $2.99. As far as the iPad is concerned, the blog states that Tweetie creator Loren Brichter, who won the 2009 Apple Design Award, is to become a “key member” of Twitter’s mobile team, and will help them to “eventually” launch Twitter for iPad. Here’s a quote from the blog that makes interesting reading:

“As we work to provide the best possible Twitter experience on all of the major mobile platforms, momentum will increase dramatically. Millions more active, engaged, mobile users means more opportunities for all of us. Developers, services, and publishers will be able to leverage the Twitter iPhone and iPad applications to create additional innovative tools and integrations for users. We’ll have more specific information on this once Loren is officially on board.”

By Maura Sutton,

The iPad Could Transform Medicine

The Washington Post has a really great article today looking at what sort of impact the iPad might have on medicine. The writer, Martha C. White, speculates on how Steve Jobs probably spent a quite a bit of time thinking about the iPad when he was lying in his hospital bed last year during his liver transplant, possibly wishing he could go online without bothering to fire up his laptop, or maybe even watch a dvd from his hospital bed. Can it be just coincidence that reading in bed, surfing the net in bed and watching movies in bed are all things that the iPad has made much easier? Possibly not. But that’s just the tip of the medical iceberg where the iPad’s impact is concerned, because, White says, the medical profession in general seems to be very excited at the iPad’s potential to revolutionise many different aspects of health care.

White says that among other things, the iPad could be responsible for massive savings within the medical world, as it could aid interconnectivity and communication between medical facilities. And as White points out, the iPad’s large, bright screen is ideal for displaying X-rays and MRI’s for example, and is of course even more portable than a laptop, therefore so much easier for doctors to carry around with them. It could even act as an interactive chart at the foot of the bed, or have special apps adapted for hospital use, and so on. The possibilities really are endless.

By Maura Sutton,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to rip DVD to iPad video and audio?

From April, 3rd, 2010, Apple iPad opened its prelude of hot sale in the U.S. From the long waiting queue to the tired but happy smiling faces of the fans who finally get one all hint that the first Apple Tablet PC has hit its target. Jobs said the iPad will be better for playing games and watching video than either a laptop or a smart phone. Software coming with the iPad includes a calendar, maps,a video player and iPod software for playing music. All seem to have been slightly redesigned to take advantage of the iPad's bigger screen. But there is neither build-in DVD Rom nor Video or DVD to iPad Converter from Apple Inc.

The large, high-resolution screen makes iPad perfect for watching any kind of video. Do you want to rip DVD to iPad , and enjoy watching your favorite movies with less quality loss freely? With Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter and this tutorial, it's quite easy.

Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter — the first released and easy to use DVD to iPad converter software–provides the fast and easiest way for you with just one click. You don't have to know about the video formats or settings - just run the program, open DVD, select a ready-made preset, and click “Start”. Let's see how to rip DVD to iPad supported video formats by using Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter.

Step1. Free download Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter, which can rip DVD and convert DVD to iPad supported video. Install and run it with the overall interface like this.

Step2: Click "Load DVD" to import the DVD files, select output format as “iPad-->iPad HD Video“ (recommended since its resolution is 1280*720, which could take full advantage of iPad’s large, high-resolution screen) or “iPad Video (H.264 or MPEG4, both are OK)” , as well as the other settings to customize the output file size and quality.

Step 3: Edit the Video (Optional)
If you want to customize the video, this DVD to iPad Converter offers a powerful video editing function, including cropping video, setting the video effects, clipping to choose the length of the movie, even customizing personal watermark to meet your personalized needs.

Step 4: After finishing the presettings, back to the main window, click "Start" to rip DVD to iPad, after a few minutes, you will see the conversion has been finished. Then you can just click the "Find Target" button to check the target iPad HD Video(*.MP4) file conveniently.

Like iPods and iPhone, iPad can sync with Apple's Macintosh and Microsoft's Windows computers. After conversion, connect your Apple iPad to PC and sync the converted DVD video to your iPad with iTunes. Then, you can watch your favorite DVD movie on your iPad at free. If you want to keep maximum video quality during DVD conversion, and convert DVD to iPad in high definition quality video format , quickly free download Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter to have a try.

Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad app buyer's guide - essential apps you should get on day one!(Copy)

by Jay Hathaway Apr 2nd 2010 at 11:02AM

If you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new iPad, you might want to head over to the app store, where a couple thousand iPad apps are already available for purchase. You can shop now, and sync with the iPad when it arrives.

However, the question is what to buy? The current top sellers are Apple's iWork apps: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, so you'll get no help from that list. Instead, check out this crop of must-have apps that are already in the store and ready to be installed on day one. My picks ended up being equal parts free and paid apps, proving that you don't need to spend a fortune to equip the shiny new device you've already spent a fortune on.

Netflix (Free)

I wrote about the possibility of a Netflix streaming video app earlier this week, and now it's actually available in the store. It's definitely a must-have for Netflix unlimited subscribers.

ABC Player (Free)

You can watch full episodes of ABC shows for free! This app works over wi-fi only, but it has a sweet-looking schedule screen to help you find the show you're looking for. The shows are ad supported. I'm not sure if this app works outside of the U.S., but the price is definitely right.


Flight Control HD ($4.99)

Flight Control HD is an iPad-optimized version of the addictive game that turned out to be a huge hit on the iPhone. You control the flight paths of planes, setting them up to land without hitting one another. As the pace picks up, though, you're headed for an inevitable crash. The iPad version adds bigger levels with new runways, as well as a split-screen mode, with both versus and co-op play. Multiplayer Flight Control? Oh, heck yes!

NPR for iPad (Free)

You've got your TV fix from ABC, and you can also get your public radio fix from NPR, and convert DVD to iPad. The NPR app is a lot like its iPhone counterpart, but expands the stories into a full-on magazine layout that looks like a pleasure to read while you listen. I've raved about the iPhone app in the past, and the iPad version looks just as sweet. Plus, it's free!

Things for iPad ($19.99)

The iPhone (and desktop) task manager app (to which I'm addicted) is available on the iPad, too. I cannot say enough good ... well, things ... about Things. Its interface just happens to match the way that I think about my to-do lists. The iPad app takes advantage of the device's screen real estate by adding a navigation sidebar and a new projects view. I know that everyone is different when it comes to productivity systems, though, so I recommend giving the desktop demo of Things a spin to see if it's for you before you shell out the $20 for the iPad app.

Twitterrific for iPad (Free)

One of the top Twitter apps on the iPhone has been lovingly redesigned for the big screen. Sidebar navigation has been added (makes a handy place for lists and trends!), and the user info popups look pretty sweet. If you're a Twitter addict, you're not going to want a tweetless mobile device, and Twitterrific looks like a good bet to deliver your early fix on the iPad.

Instapaper ($4.99)

It looks like the app that made me wish I had pre-ordered an iPad is finished in time for the device's first day. You can save any page on the Web and have it gorgeously reformatted for offline reading. It's perfect for those times when you need something to read and your iPad can't get wifi. In fact, I would call Instapaper the ultimate airplane app (Apple's own iBooks might beat it for that title, but that requires buying the books).

Plants vs. Zombies HD ($9.99)

For some serious time-killing gaming action, check out the iPad version of one of the all-time classic tower defense games, Plants vs. Zombies. In this one, your towers are various types of weaponized plants, and your opponents are waves of zombies. The iPad version has something that the iPhone and desktop versions don't have: multi-touch gestures. Apparently, you can control the game with up to 11 touch points at once. The graphics have also been revamped for the iPad, and they look extra-sharp.

Have you poked around the iPad aisle at the App Store yet? Let me know which must-have apps I missed, because you can bet we'll be covering plenty more of them!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter is Released Now

Leawo Multimedia Software Group, one of the top well-reputed multimedia software providers, officially released its new product Leawo DVD to iPad Converter today, the most easy to use, powerful and professional DVD converter software which can perfectly convert DVD to iPad supported video formats with 1 click. This DVD to iPad converter provides you amazing functions including not only to convert DVD, ISO, IFO to supported video and audio formats by Apple iPad, but also to edit DVD video like trim, crop, and watermark, etc. before conversion.

What can this DVD to iPad Converter offer?

1. It can convert DVD to iPad supported video formats such as MP4 (H.264), MP4 (MPEG-4), MOV (H.264), MOV (MPEG-4).

2. It can also convert DVD to iPad supported music files. If you like the background music of a DVD movie you can extract it out with this iPad DVD Converter.

3. It has powerful editing functions which make it more than a DVD converter. It allows you to crop the video and set the brightness, contrast, saturation, add watermark, trim movie length, and you can compare and get the best video effects out of your movies by the two real time preview windows.

4. This DVD to iPad converter can also let you merge all selected DVD chapters or titles into one file, and capture your favorite movie screenshots and save them as jpeg or bmp format.

5. Easy to use and support batch conversion and customizing conversion profile, it produces nearly lossless videos for your iPad.

More functions here:

Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter is compatible with Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista and Windows 7. It prices at $29.95, and in April, only $19.95 can get you the full version of this DVD to iPad Converter without any limitation. Registered customers are entitled to free lifetime auto updates and technical support.

About Wondershare Multimedia Software Group

Wondershare Multimedia Software Group, a division of Wondershare Software Co., Ltd, is dedicated in providing innovative and easy-to-use products and service to enhance your digital media experience by converting, editing, managing, saving and sharing a wide range of popular media files.

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