Monday, April 12, 2010

The iPad Could Transform Medicine

The Washington Post has a really great article today looking at what sort of impact the iPad might have on medicine. The writer, Martha C. White, speculates on how Steve Jobs probably spent a quite a bit of time thinking about the iPad when he was lying in his hospital bed last year during his liver transplant, possibly wishing he could go online without bothering to fire up his laptop, or maybe even watch a dvd from his hospital bed. Can it be just coincidence that reading in bed, surfing the net in bed and watching movies in bed are all things that the iPad has made much easier? Possibly not. But that’s just the tip of the medical iceberg where the iPad’s impact is concerned, because, White says, the medical profession in general seems to be very excited at the iPad’s potential to revolutionise many different aspects of health care.

White says that among other things, the iPad could be responsible for massive savings within the medical world, as it could aid interconnectivity and communication between medical facilities. And as White points out, the iPad’s large, bright screen is ideal for displaying X-rays and MRI’s for example, and is of course even more portable than a laptop, therefore so much easier for doctors to carry around with them. It could even act as an interactive chart at the foot of the bed, or have special apps adapted for hospital use, and so on. The possibilities really are endless.

By Maura Sutton,

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