Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is iPad All About?

What is iPad All About?

With iPad devices, you now have an opportunity to create Multi-Touch applications on a larger display than previously available. The 1024 x 768 pixel screen provides much more room to display content, or provide greater detail for your existing content. And the addition of new interface elements in iPhone OS 3.2 enable an entirely new breed of applications.

The size and capabilities of iPad mean that it is now possible to create desktop-class applications for a portable device. The increased screen size gives you the space you need to present almost any kind of content. The Multi-Touch interface and support for physical keyboards enables diverse modes of interaction, ranging from simple gesture-drive interaction to content creation and substantial text input.

The increased screen size also makes it possible to create a new class of immersive applications that replicate real-world objects in a digital form. For example, the Contacts and Calendar applications on iPad look more like the paper-based address book and calendar you might have on your desk at home. These digital metaphors for real-life objects provide a more natural and familiar experience for the user and can make your applications more compelling to use. But because they are digital, you can go beyond the limitations of the physical objects themselves and create applications that enable greater productivity and convenience.

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